The OAK Team

The Oak team consists of a small group of enthusiastic and passionate people.
Together we daily are well prepared to provide our guests with an unforgettable experience.

Head chef of Oak. Marcelo has Brazilian and Italian blood and wanted initially to study biology. But he found his true passion in the kitchen. Inspired by his Brazilian/Italian origin and his many travels, he runs an contemporary kitchen in Oak, in which flavour, combinations and seasonal ingredients are its signature.

Co-owner of Oak and husband of Marcelo. On the background he makes sure that everything runs smoothly in the restaurant. It was Dominik who convinced Marcelo to start Oak and to this day we still are grateful to him. Next to Oak Dominik also runs his own IT & Telecommunication company (DD-Engineering & ICT Loft).

Ever since day 1 of Oak the right hand in the kitchen of Marcelo, but also his best friend. They met in Pure C while both working there in the kitchen. With his Greek origin and love for vegetarian dishes, he is very complementary to the typical flavours of Oak, while maintaining and developing his own style.

Got to know Marcelo in Pure C as well. After he left and had a sabbatical for a year, where he travelled through a large part of Asia, Marcelo added him to the kitchen team. A smart choice, for Nick appeared to be a great added value and the ideal third musketeer in the kitchen.

The blond friendly lady with the big smile on her face, this is what we usually hear of our guests about Tess. She joined us a year after opening Oak, she then already worked for a long time in Café Theatre. Widely known and loved in Gent, and off course also in our team.

She gained most of her experience at the Handelsbeurs in Gent. Is she the sister of Tess, no, but that could perfectly have been the case. Together they form our service team, in which Marieke provides the perfect balance for a smooth running of the service.

Works only in the evenings, but he cannot be missed. Dishwashing is his second career next to his study ‘International Business Management’, so we know we are not able to hold him forever. But for now we are very grateful that he is here with us.

The lady on the phone, answering your emails or welcoming you in the restaurant. But she is also handling everything involving reservations and our increasingly marketing- & PR activities. Coming from Nespresso, Oud Sluis and The Jane, we know this is the right lady in the right place.